Monday, August 4, 2008

LittleBigPlanet contest

Sure, he has got some serious issue going on his head but Detective Poncho is a blur-headed soul who finds friendship with a born-without-legs, helplessly flying birdfriend, Kiwi. Guided with instinct, Poncho is a goal-oriented detective who often stumbles upon chase (cant really blame him.Heavy head) and has a queer liking of metal, be it a fridge or a street light. He delivers fast, accurate shootings, often mistaken as a merciless police. But the truth is, he is an animal-lover who fancies metal and have a fear for... well, magnet.

Finished this with Illustrator CS.
only get 4 votes from friens, sister & my gf ~ thkx for support ya!

Digital Painting

After i buying a tablet with my friends Sanjiv together. i falling in love with digital painting! following was my artwork for online game contest.

A Mongolian warrior fighting with Iceman for saving a baby.

Personally I love fantasy as it gives me a wide space to imagine.This concept is inspired by nature and the fact that I believe in peace and freedom. Usually I fail to express the mood of my character and painting but I think this time around, I am quite satisfied with the result (although it was far from perfect Smile ). The full res of the painting is close to 4000X5600. There are small details that I would like to see as a representative of a translucent & harmless world. For example, Angel's attire is clear, translucent, almost exposed, while the polar bear roamed freely, roaring its heart out. A peaceful blend of beauty and beast.
This image was done with Photoshop & Painter.

Street Fighter!!!

I love this character so much - Akuma. So i draw it down with china ink brush & artline pen.

Another full body of Akuma. a bit weird on the face :(

Pipit design/illustration event

Pipit event: To-Fu competition
i dono why i love drawing robot, maybe influence by movie when im kid. this To-Fu from japan, so my concept also stay with japan element. i put a sun of japan (not bitch...) on the head and a word Mie(destroy) on it because this is a destroyer & without feeling for killing thousand life.But i over dateline again!!!
below was some close-up for it body. Done in Illustrator CS.

these is pipiteer joining this competition too. lots of cool work! impressive!

Pipit K.O event- 筆 墨 纸 砚
The theme was |Creature.

Pipit K.O event- M-7
Theme |Monkey
my concept: 这 猴 子 故 事 可 长 了 ...... 原本 这 猴 族 是 在 这 2020年 最 猛 而 且 智 商 也 不 错 的 灵 猴 , 但却 被 人 类 急 需 人 类 实 验 而 被 10名 科 学 家 硬 把 它 们 活 生 生 的 改 造 成 机 械 化 。 由 此 这 猴族 不 再 复 存 。 当 科 学 家 为 了这 实 验 品 - “M-7” 改 造 中 , 也 还 没 装 置 控 制 器 时 , M-7 就 无 故 苏 醒 过 来 了 。 这 时 当然 兽 性 大 发 , 毫 不 犹 豫 的 大 开 杀 戒 , 把 7名 科 学 家 给 分 尸了(3 名 尚 存 ) 。 然 后 便 逃离 现 场 。 而 2020 年 的 国 际 军 队 立 刻 派 队 大 肆 巡 逻 以 保 这 M-7 不 会 滥 杀 人 类 。 在 人类 逼 杀 的 环 境 中 , M-7 活 得 没 日 安 宁 , 度 日 如 年 。 只 为 在世 上 存 活 多 一 日 的 M-7 ,杀 死 了 无 数 的 军 人...... 这 故 事 告 诉 世 人 , 禽 兽 非 人 也 ,无 智 无 谋 , 何 必 为 了 私 欲而 滥 杀 将 濒 临 灭 绝 的 动 物 呢 ? 敬 请 三 思 而 決 。

Once he awakens, he realized life has changed. Year 2020 witnessed the brutal war of human and beast. Fought back to life, M-7, animal captive by a group of scientists was inhumanly transformed into another being. Equipped with intelligence beneath the shield of metal; an erupting energy coming from the combination of machine and beast, M-7 also bore a human heart... painfully subjecting him to emotions. He woke up with a vengeance and began his killing spree, in fighting for his freedom of survival, and his freedom to release his binded heart.
This episode meant to tell us that animal are no human.. it is born without the cognitive ability to take charge of life and make decision. To change them to fulfill our own desires is never our rights. As the chinese saying goes, 三思而後決 , before any action is taken, is best its considered triple times.

金 刚 般 若 波 罗 经

Design this for Beautiful Junk event on Penang,Malaysia.
My concept from 金 刚 般 若 波 罗 经.
I use all the word on this book.(so many many many word on it, if u can see it on the baby brain...)



Sketching with artline pen.

fill color & mix some texture layer on it.Done.
My concept is :
自 = 非常自我的一個性格﹐獨立獨行。擁有自己的想法
由 = 非常優哉游哉的一個性格﹐聽天由命。 任人擺布的天性。

很不幸的自由是天生的連體字後﹐ 就算自字多麼用力擺脫由字﹐ 依然還是白費力氣﹑徒勞無功。

I send this artwork to Beautiful Junk event on Penang,Malaysia.

Acrylic work

College artwork - Face
Done with poster color, take me a week finished this box box work...finally pass up after dateline 3-4days, but lecture still give me 76+marks(A) and show it to the whole course mate.Thx dude.

College artwork - Chicken Soup (stoled by someone already...but lecture said this is the best chicken soup his ever seen :D however i late almost 2 days on dateline)


college artwork too - Monalisa
lecture want us copy some famous work from textbook, my mind directly think about this "Monalisa". Before i start drawing this, i thought it might be very difficult to copy, but when i start freehand sketching,color,touch up,done. It quite easy but take some time too. After few days, lecture said the eyes of her not balance and ask me why this happen? i said i freehand sketching, not tracing like others. He juz said "wow!" :)

college work - Acrylic on Glass
i love China traditional style when im juz a kid. so i try to do this in glass.

Old design in free time~

this photo shot with my hp SE-K800i.juz in front of TimeSqure.
and i try write a poem about three kingdom story...(my first time writing poem!)


Spirit Of KungFu - concept are come from movie of Jet Lee- 霍元甲

What Are You Thinking? - different pp, different thinking


這個設計主要是想跟Vincent Van Goh表達的一點勸告...
this design concept was come with Vincent Van Goh... the story of his ear

Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Drawing Shoe - 2004

Still remember that time i start bored drawing in paper, so i try drawing on shoe... wat i wan to draw? sure some chinese or japanese stuff!

风(wind) - 2004

This work born on 2004 when I'm studying in college. I juz wan try to draw something about myself. This is it! a lot of element are showing my identity... find out urself!

My highschool(2001) work by Paint software

This character name Jiang Xiao Yu(江小鱼) from China novel name 绝代双骄. This novel quite famous when I'm 16-17years old. I love this novel RPG game too. So i decided draw something for this character.