Friday, October 16, 2009

Creative Catalyst @ BangkoK Design Festival

DIGITIZATION: The Contemporary Digital Art of Malaysia's Emerging Designers.

“Digitization” is a collective featuring a diverse range of digital artworks created by Malaysia’s Young Emerging Designers. It is an exploration of the new media art, h...ow its complex effects influences the way we perceive, think and feel, just like conventional art does.

In the spirit of unearthing young and emerging Malaysian designers, contemporary digital art and culture in Malaysia has become an exciting, diverse and vibrant realm. With this new territory, the progress of Malaysian art will be unveiled and tapped to indefinite possibilities, by the harmony of inspirations, into a fusion of ideas.

In appreciating these designers’ works of art, one inadvertantly participates in a broader understanding and acceptance of digital media and cultures. Taking its cue from the exhibition, this book attempts to show that digital is the main current of 21st century art.

This will the first round pre-highlights of Digitization at Bigbros workshop showcase space at Creative Catalyst in conjunction with Bangkok Design Festival 2009. There are more then 30 Malaysia Emerging Designers artwork on display from Studio Climb, Supernature, Stephan Lau, Sau Lim, Action Tintoy, Michael Chuah, Muid Latif, 84cubes, Sheiko, Kawakong, Robonut, Motiofixo, Maws, Venn Soh, Efozy, Flierz, Jonas Liang, Sophie, Monographiz, Banghoux, Melissa Lin, Farhani Othman, Chee Way, Visual80, Urban Cr3atures, eT, Yayawoo, Room99, Chicken1985 & Mc Lelun.

Interested to know about Young Malaysian Designers kindly visit us:-

Date & Venue:
8th oct - 11th oct 2009
SIAM PARAGON - Level 2 ( Bigbros Booth)
Bangkok, Thailand.

Curate by Bigbros Workshop
Co-ordinate by PIPIT

Opening by the orgnizer and prime minister delegates.

Visit by the prime minister delegates...

viewing the pre-highlights Malaysian digitizaion mini artworks by PM delegates..

Creative catalyst @ BangkoK design festival.
One of my work display over there :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


为何女人总爱‘如果’。 如答非所欲,何罪之有。。。男人以建邦立国为志,此乃天赐雄心 也。‘如’繁务缠身,何来毫分寸时说天道地之心?‘如’汝需吾时,吾舍身陪君子又何妨?即是‘如’,何恼哉?即是‘如’,何道哉?故不言尔。。。

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Gardener Book Fans Calling!!!

To help celebrate his 10th anniversary, Michael Lau is creating an interesting, interactive angle for a commemorative book. Fans can submit their own custom art work in written, photographic and illustrative form with Michael Lau’s iconic gardener as the source of inspiration. Selected pieces will make their way into the Los Angeles gardener 10th anniversary exhibition held later this year in September.

Finish this on last day XD no time fill color then here it is...

Thursday, June 11, 2009


最近迷上了同事借给我的一本书“西藏生死书”。这是本教人面对死亡,从而懂得如何学习生活的人生哲学。除了艺术、漫画、中国历史书外,人生哲学是我满喜欢的题材,因我认为人生下来就是让我们学习如何做人。这书上说,做人有好人、坏人之分,只要你不想做坏人,第一步就是不要伤害别人。一旦你伤害了别人,到最后被伤害的总是你自己本身。这是我非常赞同的说法。例子像在公共场合抽烟人士一样,自己正在做个慢性杀手而不自知。抽烟不但伤害周遭的朋友,而且最后受苦的终究是自己。每个人都曾经犯过错,改变才是唯一正途,一切都不会太迟。这书本借了很久了,因还有几本书还要看,最后终于轮到它了。正在看的时候有点鸡皮疙瘩起来,太玄妙了!Shevy, 我还有一大半还没看,迟点再还你啊!谢啦!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

KLDW 2009- BECOME "1000+7 DESIGNS"

KLDW 2009- BECOME "1000+7 DESIGNS"
第一届的KLDW终于在上星期六结束了,这个EVENT应该每个大马设计界的同仁都知道的盛会。小弟去年头得知BECOME - Be an ECO friend like me! 有个设计比赛,便踊跃的下笔画了一幅画 - enough said.
这幅作品的概念是每当我们说环保的时候,第一时间我会想到什么?就是人类为了追求自己的发展、方便,就胡乱xxxxxxxxxxxxx. 什么是xxxx,我想大家都知道是什么含义。既然如此又何必呢?所以我女友便帮我取个英文名为-"enough said", 就是"说够了"的意思。

Title: "enough said"
This is the design that i send to BECOME & I WON!!!
im one of top 7 in this event! Next year sure i'll join again!

The prizes:
- A prestigious 7 Bintang Awards Trophy
- A Merit Award of Certificate
- A BECOME 1000+7 Design Book - Special Edition
- An Eco Goodybag worth USD1,000 each

7 lucky guys and president of KLDW took my beg

BECOME office

It's looks cool and only 7 in the world!

Certificate of Merit Award

They print on the ECO bag & display on KLDW

one of my favorate prizes~

Monday, March 30, 2009



谢谢KENNY的小专栏和PETER的排版! ;)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Darkstalker Tribute

Darkstalker Tribute winner list!!~

This holiday was quite boring, so i thought Ill just paste a little of the 'The Making' of my 'Darkstalker: Lantern of the Night' because im not on the list!Haha~
Hope u guys enjoy the process of my work as much as I did & feel more psyched about digital painting~ Wink

Got a hot Nescafe 3 in 1 'Rich' on my table. It has to be rich or nothing would feel the same. And lets not forget the music i like(both also very important!)

Opened a new file and started fast sketching on this character(Hsien-ko) & the background...

Next, I added another new layer for detail outline

Sketched some accessories for her...(i wan her to be a little bit punk)

The hardest part of the sketch is the hands coz this hand is also Hsien-ko's weapon in Darkstalker

I tried sketching a number of times and spend some time on this weapon but... +__@
then i stopped to get my inspiration by playing PSP Darkstalker ..

Finally, idea popped out when i won the game on my PSP. Each time Hsien-ko wins the match, she will put her hand on the weapon! Here it is, her new hand was born...

Because the new hand blocked the temple of my background ... so i drew a new one, at the same time, giving the readers a glint of where she actually stays...

My concept is she juz beat down ANAKARIS(Egypt King) and to represent that, i drew a bit his element on the floor to show that he lost in that match...The word '奠’ i drew with chinese traditional brush(毛笔) on paper & scanned it and adapted it onto the lantern & multiplied it.Done. This is my final sketching...

It's time to fill color on it! I put some basic color on her at first...(i only use this Tinting[basic round] to finished this work)

Actually i love to finish my main character first then continue with the background. Then I moved on with the shading...

Applied some dark & light color on her... (remember save it to another file for backup when u color it! to avoid unwanted incident, if not u need to draw again... Don't take this lightly because it happened to me once when i was finishing this work, luckily i got a backup psd file!)

Applied lighter color on her boobs...

Then I applied darker shadow on her hand coz the weapon blocked the lantern's light...

After finishing her body & her hand, then I moved on with her face... (because of the light from the lantern, I painted it from the bottom to the top. Its easier for me to apply colour and light sensitivity on my artwork...

This is the best function by Corel Painter. u can rotate your work anyway u like for the best way to draw! (shortcut key: E)

I started to paint the background. after that i opened a new layer for the lighting from lantern & provided an overlay before the bg layer... (i use a lot of layer on my work coz it made it easier to change into another effect or color. and of course, i'm not PUPPETEER! he only needed to juz use one layer for all his work! awesome!)

Then I drew some grass behind the ladder(forgot to capture screen for the roof process...)

This step was to draw the moon & cloud(i opened a new layer for cloud)

I finished with the cloud's layer and then continued with some bamboo.

The bg almost done dy, but the cloud...

Then i put multiply on the cloud layer, it looked better.

Then I drew her partner- Mei-Ling behind her, throwing 'fu'(符).

Realising the smoke was also the hardest part for me. i tried download some smoke pic & mask it with photoshop & draw the smoke with 20-30 opacity brush. Duplicated it and put on my work layer.

This step quite important for me coz i can change any tone or feel for my work. Opened a new layer and added a gradient(overlay)

It was time to put more detail work on bg...

I added some motion blur effect on the word coz I was to show that the lantern was moving! Copied the lantern to another new layer and made it bigger & put more lower opacity then moved it to the right.

I done this work at my house with LCD monitor, so the color is not entirely the same when i printed it out. So i changed the contrast on the final step and stamped my name/seal. Done!

Hope u guys enjoy it :)
Any mistake or comment, you can juz leave me a message~ thx.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pipit 2nd Anniversary

me & Kenji (BlackFryday) digital art live demo

15minutes fast sketching live on ZOUK...

15minutes fast sketching at home...