Thursday, April 9, 2009

KLDW 2009- BECOME "1000+7 DESIGNS"

KLDW 2009- BECOME "1000+7 DESIGNS"
第一届的KLDW终于在上星期六结束了,这个EVENT应该每个大马设计界的同仁都知道的盛会。小弟去年头得知BECOME - Be an ECO friend like me! 有个设计比赛,便踊跃的下笔画了一幅画 - enough said.
这幅作品的概念是每当我们说环保的时候,第一时间我会想到什么?就是人类为了追求自己的发展、方便,就胡乱xxxxxxxxxxxxx. 什么是xxxx,我想大家都知道是什么含义。既然如此又何必呢?所以我女友便帮我取个英文名为-"enough said", 就是"说够了"的意思。

Title: "enough said"
This is the design that i send to BECOME & I WON!!!
im one of top 7 in this event! Next year sure i'll join again!

The prizes:
- A prestigious 7 Bintang Awards Trophy
- A Merit Award of Certificate
- A BECOME 1000+7 Design Book - Special Edition
- An Eco Goodybag worth USD1,000 each

7 lucky guys and president of KLDW took my beg

BECOME office

It's looks cool and only 7 in the world!

Certificate of Merit Award

They print on the ECO bag & display on KLDW

one of my favorate prizes~

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