Monday, August 4, 2008

Digital Painting

After i buying a tablet with my friends Sanjiv together. i falling in love with digital painting! following was my artwork for online game contest.

A Mongolian warrior fighting with Iceman for saving a baby.

Personally I love fantasy as it gives me a wide space to imagine.This concept is inspired by nature and the fact that I believe in peace and freedom. Usually I fail to express the mood of my character and painting but I think this time around, I am quite satisfied with the result (although it was far from perfect Smile ). The full res of the painting is close to 4000X5600. There are small details that I would like to see as a representative of a translucent & harmless world. For example, Angel's attire is clear, translucent, almost exposed, while the polar bear roamed freely, roaring its heart out. A peaceful blend of beauty and beast.
This image was done with Photoshop & Painter.

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