Monday, August 4, 2008

Acrylic work

College artwork - Face
Done with poster color, take me a week finished this box box work...finally pass up after dateline 3-4days, but lecture still give me 76+marks(A) and show it to the whole course mate.Thx dude.

College artwork - Chicken Soup (stoled by someone already...but lecture said this is the best chicken soup his ever seen :D however i late almost 2 days on dateline)


college artwork too - Monalisa
lecture want us copy some famous work from textbook, my mind directly think about this "Monalisa". Before i start drawing this, i thought it might be very difficult to copy, but when i start freehand sketching,color,touch up,done. It quite easy but take some time too. After few days, lecture said the eyes of her not balance and ask me why this happen? i said i freehand sketching, not tracing like others. He juz said "wow!" :)

college work - Acrylic on Glass
i love China traditional style when im juz a kid. so i try to do this in glass.

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