Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nookanooka x Artist Series

The success of the dope Nooka watches at H5 stores in Bangsar Village II has led to a Black Lab pop-up store in Mid Valley Megamall. To celebrate the new space, H5 has teamed up with 20 local artists to create the latest project of NookaNooka Artist Series. Go look and vote for your top 3 favourite now at the Black Lab pop-up, which features illustration from local graffiti artist Nasty who created an ‘Electro Pop’ illustration. You even stand a chance to win a watch!

The 20 unique customised Nookanookas are being displayed at H5’s pop-up store in Mid Valley now. H5 lets you win a Nooka Zub series by heading over to the H5 Black Lab and rate your Top 3 from the series. 3 winners with the correct predictions will win a Nooka Zub worth RM559! You can also visit H5’s Facebook Fan Page to check them out and rate it too. Check out all NookaNookas at the end of the post, but we strongly suggest you check them out at the pop-up store for a better detailing of each figure.


His name is 'Wu Ji'. The core of this art revolves around the famous Chinese symbol- Yin and Yang (that represented the harmony and unity between complimentary opposites) and Ba Gua (eight diagrams used in Taoist cosmology to represent the fundamental principles of reality) that existed 5000 years ago. This object also holds the power and control of space and time which is also represented by the symbol - ∞Infinity. All elements of the world is highly influenced by 'Wu Ji'.

The Limitless (Wuji) produces the delimited, and this is the Absolute (the circle)
The Taiji produces two forms, that is yin & yang (2 horns).
The two forms produce four phenomena (4 legs).
The four phenomena act on the eight trigrams (ba gua) (8 fingers).!/photo.php?pid=5572260&id=137729231216

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