Friday, December 31, 2010

Project Boxies

Boxies is a translation from our childhood handmade costumes, that made out of the used carton boxes that once kept fruits from the market, the tv and vcr player boxes our parents kept folded. It is not just a character. It is something we turned into a 3D paper toy, which is not just a toy, but a companion. At the same time we tried to stay true to its original ideas which uses paper as the medium of the creation. Colors and personalized design has enhanced their individuality that formed a community of its own. A COMMUNITY OF BOXIES which speaks a language and a lifestyle of its own.

MyConcept: 沐猴而冠。 沐猴(猕猴)戴帽子﹐装成人的样子。比喻虚有其表﹐形同傀儡﹐不管和他說什麼都聽不進去的人。
Design this for Boxies Exhibition on Capsquare during Kuala Lumpur Design Week.

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