Friday, December 31, 2010

BabyQee Contest

Design this for Toy2R competition
Qee name: Face簿KaQee
Remark: Why Face簿KaQee? (FacebooKaki)
It's the monster that lives within us. The monster that can't turn away from the power of Facebook. The monster that is tied to the world of interconnectivity through just only a click of the mouse. The monster that lives to stalk others. The monster who woke up to a daily habit of opening the web page everyday. Just like the daily habit of brushing our teeth. We do it every morning and We do it every night. You think you can live without the monster in you. You turned away. You close your eyes.

But the monster haunts every second.

Even if you can live without the monster, the others won't let you live without it.

Have you Face簿KaQee today?

Others competitor, all very awesome & creative!

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